Our Mission

The Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board will build a strong workforce development system by planning, coordinating, collaborating and aligning workforce initiatives with businesses, partners and community stakeholders at the local, regional and state level to ensure a skilled and productive workforce.

Strategic Alignment

MAWIB is currently implementing an integrated and aligned sector-based approach to Business Services around the following industry clusters:

- Manufacturing
- Health Care
- Construction
- Hospitality
- Financial

The approach is:

Demand driven
Business driven
Data driven
Regionally driven to meet the current and future needs of business

We do this by:

Identifying shared human resource issues
Exchanging information about industry practices
Taking specific actions to address workforce challenges
Sharing, reviewing and validating labor market needs

Aligning all partners:

Workforce Development
Economic Development
Education and Training
Other Community Stakeholders

Recruitment and Training

Our Business Services ensure that only qualified candidates are presented to a business for consideration, saving valuable time and resources. Out team works to:

- Distribute business job orders to qualified applicants
- Conduct pre-employment testing based on employer/industry standards
- Collect, review and pre-screen resumes based on employer requirements
- Administer assessment tools to identify and select qualified candidates
- Identify the best qualified candidates for interviews
- Conduct reference checks and verify previous employment

Skills Training and Job Readiness

We can provide essential Skills Training to trainees which can mean the difference between an adequate employee and an outstanding employee.  This training teaches potential candidates six skills that will help them be successful in the workplace:  Integrity, Self-Management, Responsibility, Decision-Making, Self-Esteem and Sociability.

Our Job Readiness Training for trainees assists them with resume preparation, assessing their work experience and identifying and resolving training needs. This process ensures that we are able to provide employers with a wide range of well-prepared, qualified jobseekers who are eager to work.

On-the-Job Training

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an employer-provided training program that is considered one of the most effective ways to train employees.  The main objectives of OJT’s are:  motivation and retention of employees, reinforcement of ongoing learning and transferability of skills.  On-the-Job Training may reimburse up to 50% of the trainees wages for up to three months.  On-the-Job training can also be used to train current employees for work that pays a higher wage or requires additional skills.

Specialized Training

Specialized training, also known as class-sized training projects, is a tool used to help business meet the challenging demands of an industry to increase productivity.  We work collaboratively with the business, local technical colleges and/or other training experts to design a curriculum to meet the specific requirements for success.  To benefit from Specialized Training services, businesses simply agree to employ the trainees upon successful completion of the program.

Retention and Support

Once a candidate is referred to and hired by a business, our services continue for both parties:

For Businesses:

We have partnerships with agencies and programs at the federal, state and local level, as well as technical colleges, and other training specialists – we can assist businesses who want to collaborate together to upgrade employee skills. Timely Information Sessions for area businesses about trending workforce topics, labor market information and talent pipeline updates.

For Trainees:

Job Coaches stay in contact with trainees and provide follow-up as needed. Trainees are provided with transportation assistance as needed. Trainees can be provided with job requirements like tools, safety glasses, boots, etc. Required clothing for a job, such as uniforms can also be provided.


To learn more about how your company can benefit from our Business Services, contact one of our Business Service Team Members at: BizServices@milwaukeewib.org; or call 414-270-1728.