The Hire Center

The HIRE (The Help‐In‐Re‐Employment) Center is a component of the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board that provides an array of programs and services to dislocated workers in Milwaukee County.

What is a dislocated worker?

A dislocated worker is someone who has been laid off from their previous employer or received notification of a company closure or massive layoff; hence, will become dislocated from employment with slim chances of returning to their previous employer. To fit in the category of dislocated worker you must have been dislocated from work within the past five years. Displaced Homemakers can also fit in the category of dislocated workers if they have been providing unpaid services to family members in the home and depending on the income of another family member who is no longer supporting them, and/or are unemployed or underemployed and is having difficulty in obtaining or upgrading employment.


At the HIRE Center—an access point of service and a dislocated worker’s one stop comprehensive job center—participants can take advantage of a range of services to help them obtain new employment, increase their marketability, and enhance their earning potential. Those services include vocational assessment, employment counseling, case management, occupational retraining, adult basic education, literacy and language skills, computer skills, on‐the‐job training, job‐seeking skills preparation, and job development and placement assistance. In the event that someone is aware in advance that they will become dislocated, he or she can sign up for The HIRE Center services prior to their layoff or termination.

The HIRE Center’s staff is skilled at addressing the specific needs of dislocated workers and guiding them on a path to a promising career. The Center is operated by the HIRE Milwaukee Consortium which includes the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board, Wisconsin Job Service, AFL/CIO Labor Education and Training Center, Milwaukee Area Technical College, Milwaukee County Labor Council, and the Wisconsin Regional Training Partner.

Occupational Retraining

A dislocated worker can be eligible for tuition, books and other educational expenses related to a variety of occupational classroom trainings provided through programs approved by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

Employment Counseling/Case Management

Case managers at the HIRE Center work with dislocated workers, one-on-one, to recommend services and programs they should participate in to gain employment until they are placed, and after placement up to one year.

Adult Basic Education

Funding may be made available to dislocated workers who are interested in taking classes in basic computer literacy, GED preparation, basic education remediation, instruction in English as a Second Language and other subject areas to enhance employability. At the HIRE Center, MATC instructors teach the adult basic education classes through the in-house Leonard Tipton Memorial Learning Lab that is open Monday – Thursday, 8 a.m. to noon.

On the Job Training

Dislocated Workers may be offered the opportunity to participate in an on the job training provided by an area employer who will either hire the worker when the training is complete or provide the worker with new, occupational skills to further their chances of employment with another company.

Placement Assistance

Staff at the HIRE Center help dislocated workers with their resumes and provide them with personal contacts at hiring businesses. The HIRE Center hosts events for employers including roundtables and focus groups.

Resource Center

The HIRE Center has a Resource Center outfitted with computers that have resume writing software and Internet access so dislocated workers can search for jobs, participate in self‐assessment programs, obtain occupational training information, family budgeting tools, and job search reference materials. The Resource Center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday – Thursday, and 8 a.m. to noon on Fridays.

Job Seeking Skills Workshop

The HIRE Center offers a 20‐hour job seeking skills workshop, twice a month, to dislocated workers. The workshop focuses on self‐presentation and job interviewing skills. It also includes information on successful job searching techniques, properly filling out job applications, and resume and cover letter critiques

Job Club

The HIRE Center offers a Job Club for dislocated workers which is a network of their peers who are also searching for employment. The club meets every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to noon. Case managers and employment specialists facilitate the meetings and discussions on current job leads, employer requirements, job search tips and much more. Job Club also has weekly presentations on specific themes. The presentations are given by special invited guests who have expertise in specific employment and training areas. To view the Job Club topics for the current month, click here.

Spanish/Hmong/English Bilingual Services

The HIRE Center has a bilingual team that provides services to limited English‐speaking participants.

The HIRE Center is located at:

2338 N. 27th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53210

Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.